AKPOL S.C.  Zakład obróbki skrawaniem CNC
Company Akpol was founded In 2004 and specialized in the machining various pieces of steel, cast iron and aluminum.

We have good relations with European and Polish partners. All offer treated the same and quickly inform you of the possibility cooperation in connection with the workpiece.

We invite you to visit our production department, where you will see about the current offer our company. We also recommend the Gallery, where you can see some pictures of details and produced by them.

If you interested about cooperation with our firm, please send your offer to our e-mail addres, found in contact section.
Kazimierz Bykowski
Andrzej Mejza

ul. Armii Krajowej 8a
63-900 Rawicz

tel/fax +48 65 546 30 43
tel       +48 65 547 32 95

kom. 510 212 896
        694 471 200

e-mail: akpol1@wp.pl