AKPOL S.C.  Zakład obróbki skrawaniem CNC
The high quality of the processed products we  
provide through the use of high-performance  
measurement and control equipment.
We have:

z Automated Gantry CMM Nikon Metrology LK Integra  
15.10.8 acting with controller NIKON NMC300 and CMM  
Manager software for the measurement of contact angle  
and the length and form and position. Software is  
certified by the German PTB certification body certifying  
that all mathematical calculations performed by the  
program are made with an accuracy of 0.0001 mm. This  
system provides full automation of the measurement  
process by measuring the ability to create CNC programs.  
The system works with QC CALC Real Time to gather  
information and SPC.
Range: 1500 x 1000 x 800
Kazimierz Bykowski
Andrzej Mejza

ul. Armii Krajowej 8a
63-900 Rawicz

tel/fax +48 65 546 30 43
tel       +48 65 547 32 95

kom. 510 212 896
        694 471 200

e-mail: akpol1@wp.pl
z  Roughness SURFTEST SJ-210 Mitutoyo
z FARO measuring arm GOLD ARM with  
CAM2 Measure software.
z  Digital Mitutoyo measuring equipment, Bowers.